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Zoe for Head of Hertford Infants and Nursery School

We would like to show unanimous support for Zoe and ask that she be employed with immediate effect as Head of Hertford Infants and Nursery School. Our support and belief in her is so strong that we wish her to stay permanently for the following reasons: Our school was left without a Head in January 2014 on the proviso that he would return within six weeks. An extension was then granted until year end. During that time, Zoe reigned supreme within our children's school. Only because we, the parents had been told by the school, did we know there had been a change of leadership. Our children were not coming home reporting of upheaval in their schooling. Nor were they showing emotional trauma due to the change. Our community school has thrived under the leadership of Zoe. Possibly more so, since our previous Head got the permanent position at Balfour. She was left at the helm, supported by a fantastic team of dedicated, loyal, hard-working staff. Under her leadership there has not been any negativity within the school. There is no grumbling within the playground that she should go, quite the opposite. She has a vision for the future that is positive, warm and welcoming. We are a small school, but we are also a community. A place where our children are educated. A place where they and us can feel safe, and welcomed, surrounded by like-minded people. At the heart of that community is Zoe. We trust her and the wonderful staff at Hertford with our most treasured possessions, our children. We, are asking that you listen to our voices, to our request, and to see sense that the best person for this job is already here.

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